Jr. Mustang Rules


-The kindergarten league will practice for 20 minutes and the play four 7 minute quarters

-Coaches will ref.

All Leagues Except Kindergarten:
-Four nine minute quarters (running clock). Clock stops the last minute of the 2nd and 4th quarters if score is within 10 and all free throws.
-Overtime periods will be (1) minute. There is no overtime period in the K-2 grade leagues.
-Three 30 second time-outs per team.
-All Players should play at least half of every game.

Ball Size:
-K – 6th Grades – 28.5 (Women’s Size)

Hoop Height:
-K – 2: 8 Feet
-3 – 6: 10 feet

-Grades K – 2: No personal or team fouls will be kept.
-Grades 3 – 6: No personal fouls will be kept but team fouls will be kept.

Free Throws:
-Grades K – 2: Shoot free throws on shooting fouls only. No bonus situation
-Grades 3 – 6: Regular bonus and shooting foul situations.

Other Rules:
-Grades K – 2nd: Man to Man only. No double teaming allowed.
-Grades K – 4th: The defensive team must drop back past the mid-court line when the ball is in-bounded, after a basket or rebounded after a missed shot attempt. Defensive position on any player cannot be established until the offensive player has both feet across the mid-court line. Failure to drop back past the mid-court line will result in an illegal defense being called. Coaches need to constantly remind their players of this rule in order to keep the game flowing. No full court pressing.

-Grades 5-6: No full court press allowed if winning by 10 or more.

-In any game, if a team is losing by more than 10 points, the score will be cleared and the third quarter will start with the score zero to zero.